Add a currency to your store

Add a currency to your store

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Basically, an ecommerce site is a site that is accessible internationally and that attracts a diverse audience.
To successfully convert international visitors, an ecommerce site must offer payment methods adapted to different countries.


Christophe Bernon
Prestashop Expert
I gained my experience during my 20 years as a freelancer on topics such as DTP, 3D, printing, and the web to end up on ecommerce. Whether in production or in training, I have always been keen to upgrade my customers' skills to make them self-reliant.

I joined PrestaShop in 2011 as Support Officer and shortly thereafter as Support Manager and Trainer on our solution.

In 2019, I moved on to full-time training as Training Manager to support our merchants even better.

Course modules - 20 minutes

Add a currency to your store
Tuto - Add a currency to your store - Introduction
Tuto - Add a currency to your store - Tutorial
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