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Become a Prestashop expert and perfect your online store

Perfect every aspect of your Prestahop online store, and become a Prestashop expert.

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After this course, you will be an advanced expert in Prestashop, and will be able to manage every single aspect of your online store, such as the design, (by configurating design elements), the SEO, the modules (marketing, social media, cross selling, faceted search,...), the installation of new themes or modules, the creation of CMS pages, the improvement of the product sheets, the translations, the CSV import, and so on.

In summary

During this training course, you will learn how to master advanced functionalities of your Prestashop e-commerce store. This training course is made of 12 modules that will allow you to perfect every aspect of your shop, from design to SEO, including translations, CMS pages, all sorts of modules, and even legal aspects.

Who Should Attend ?
If you have an online store project, or already manage an online shop and want to perfect it, this session is for you.

You will need to have good insight of Prestashop and you should already be able to do basic things such as adding a new product to your catalog, or add a new carrier.


Cécile Guedy
Artistic Director
With a double education in applied arts and marketing strategy, I worked in advertising agencies (TBWA, BDDP&Fils, Jules&César, Editions Jalou) as an art director and for the last few years, as a marketing and strategy consultant. After having set up and sold several global communication agencies in France and abroad, I am now a trainer and speaker in schools, and at the Prestashop Academy. My trainings are in French or in English, they are clear and well-paced, and will give you the keys you need, and much more, to be successful in your projects. 

Course modules - 5 h.

Become a Prestashop expert and perfect your online store
En - Advanced - Introduction
En - Advanced - CSV import
En - Advanced - Modules
En - Advanced - Home page configuration
EN - Advanced - Categories configuration