Certification Front-end level 1

Check your skills and pass the certification Front-end level 1

about 2 hours of content
Available in
€260 excluding tax


Passing the test will allow you to reach the certification and fulfill one of the prerequisites of the PrestaShop Expert Program.

To obtain your certification the calculation is :
you must obtain at least 80% for each of the modules.

In summary

You have already acquired the skills to improve the appearance of a PrestaShop shop, to customise a module displaying and you want to validate your knowledge.
The certification includes 60 questions that will allow you to validate your knowledge after having followed the Front-end level 1 training. A part of the questionnaire is also dedicated to Webpack, Twig and Smarty.
You will have 90 minutes to give your answers. Prerequisites :To have followed the Front End Level 1...


Jordan Biche
Tech trainer
Tech trainer at PrestaShop

I will use my experience as a developer and fullstack trainer to teach you all the languages, frameworks, and tools used in PrestaShop, with introductory and advanced training.


To be able to obtain this certification, you must first ensure that:
- To master the structure of a PrestaShop project
- To have solid bases in HTML, CSS, JS
- To master the creation of modules, themes
NB: The regular front-end training sold on PrestaShop Academy allows you to acquire this knowledge
- To have browsed the PrestaShop devdoc

Course modules - about 2 hours

Certification Front-end level 1
Demo of the certification process
Developer certification - Front end - Basics
Developer certification - Front end - HTML, CSS, JS
Developer certification - Front end - Smarty
Certification - Vos résultats

Frequently asked Questions

Not necessarily, if you already have solid knowledge of PrestaShop, front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS), experience of module and theme creation and you have studied the PrestaShop devdoc. However, we advise you to follow this training to ensure you have the necessary knowledge.

No, it is recommended to have a solid foundation in terms of front-end development, integration and a good knowledge of JavaScript. But whenfor this level 1 certification, you don't need to be an expert.

It's unlikely, the majority of questions are PrestaShop oriented, there are very few generic questions about front-end development.

No, some certification questions relate to Smarty, so it is essential to have at least a basic knowledge of it. You can follow the introductory course to Smarty, available on PrestaShop Academy

No, front-end does not mean front-office. This certification is intended for developers wishing to have their development and integration skills recognized within the framework of a PrestaShop project.

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