Enable SSL on your Hostinger account

You are about to discover how to activate the SSL protocol on your Hostinger hosting

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The objective of this training is to explain all the necessary steps to activate your SSL certificate, which is required to put your PrestaShop store online.

In summary

In this tutorial you will learn how to activate the mandatory SSL certificate for your PrestaShop store, the certificate must be activated in your Hostinger hosting.

In this tutorial you will learn how to activate it.

Who is this training for:
- You are a merchant and you want to create your store, learn how to activate your SSL certificate for your store.

None, everything is explained in the step by step...


Christophe Bernon
Prestashop Expert
I gained my experience during my 20 years as a freelancer on topics such as DTP, 3D, printing, and the web to end up on ecommerce. Whether in production or in training, I have always been keen to upgrade my customers' skills to make them self-reliant.

I joined PrestaShop in 2011 as Support Officer and shortly thereafter as Support Manager and Trainer on our solution.

In 2019, I moved on to full-time training as Training Manager to support our merchants even better.

Course modules - 10 minutes

Enable SSL on your Hostinger account
Enable SSL on your Hostinger account
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