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Front-end developer training level 1 and certification

Learn how to customise your shop

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At the end of this training, you will be able to customise a PrestaShop shop and to create new custom themes by yourself.
You can also pass the certification immediately after completing the course.

Good training !
The PrestaShop team

In summary

In this training, you will learn how to improve the appearance of a PrestaShop shop.

You will know how to :
- create a frontoffice page
- version a PrestaShop project
- use Twig in PrestaShop
- use Smarty in PrestaShop
- discover the integration of webpack

The certification consists of 60 questions that will permit you to validate the knowledge you have.
You will have 90 minutes in total to answer the questions.


Jordan Biche
Tech trainer
Tech trainer at PrestaShop

I will use my experience as a developer and fullstack trainer to teach you all the languages, frameworks, and tools used in PrestaShop, with introductory and advanced training.


To be able to follow this training, you must first make sure:

- To have already opened a PrestaShop project and to master a minimum of its structure. You can follow the local store installation courses available on PrestaShop Academy.
- To have basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and JS (Introductory courses on these subjects are or will soon be available on PrestaShop Academy)
- To have access to the PrestaShop devdoc in parallel with the training

Course modules - less than a minute

Front-end developer training level 1 and certification
Introduction to Smarty
Introduction to Twig
Discovery of front-end tools
Creation of a front office page
Good practice

Frequently asked Questions

You will learn how to develop a module and a theme with this training, so it is not necessary to have already developed one. On the other hand, it is preferable to be familiar with the structure of a PrestaShop project to follow this course, so we advise you to first follow the course for installing a PrestaShop store locally and to browse the devdoc.

It is preferable that you have basic knowledge of JavaScript, without being an expert, to follow this training.

No, front-end does not mean front-office. This training is intended for developers who want to learn front-end development as part of a PrestaShop project.

Yes. At the end of the training, you will have access to a test in the form of multiple choice questions, allowing you to validate your knowledge and recognize you as a level 1 certified PrestaShop front-end developer.

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